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We’ve all enjoyed honey, and many of us boost our diet plans by eating healthy bee by-products like pollen. Nevertheless, there are lots of different species of bees; which make honey, and just what do other varieties of them do?

More Information about these stinging pest

There are actually nearly 25,000 identified types of them around the world, about 4,000 in the USA, and all of these happen to be identified within the super family Apoidea. They are separated into 9 different groups, several of which are extremely small in terms of the number of species.

We are very educated about a single bee species, Apidae, this includes honey bees and bumblebees. Honey bees, obviously, generate honey; these are sociable that thrive in hives of up to 60,000 workers, over 200 drones, and a single queen. Honey hives are extremely intricate in terms of habits and overall purpose; they work to protect their entire community.

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